We will be include a Student Panel in the Global Summit.
The Panel will consist of Irish student leaders who will:
  • explore the multifaceted role of student leaders and the roles they will play over the next 7 years as we move towards 2030
  • delve into their own personal experiences as student leaders, how they came to learn about the SDGs and how they use the SDGs in their lives
  • discuss the importance of the student’s voice in informing and shaping sustainable development
  • explore how education can be used as a tool to empower students to be active global citizens.
We would like to hear the Global student voice in this discussion too.
Members of IASAS agreed to ask students on campuses around the world the following three questions:
  1. What does the world look like in 2030 to you?
  2. What values are important to you as a student?
  3. How is your university/college experience supporting you to effect positive change in the world?
  • Students will respond with a sentence or short response to each question.
  • They will give their name and the institution they represent and send their response to Ronan’s WhatsApp – 086 2742663. 
  • Ronan will pull the various video clips together to produce a short film showing the responses of students globally.
  • This film will be shown before the Student Panel begin their discussion.

Would you be willing to engage in this project – to ask a few students on your campus the questions above?  It would be great to get as many students as possible included.

Deadline for submission: Monday, 23 May.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nóirín Deady | E: n.deady@ucc.ie | T: 021 4904873